Friday, April 15, 2016

One-Size Fitted Diaper

The first diaper and pattern I developed for sale was the One-Size Fitted diaper. This diaper features customizable snap-in inserts that make it easy to adjust the diaper to the size needed as well as adjust absorbency needed. Having snap-in inserts also means a faster drying time, making these diapers easy to wash and use in a varied diaper stash. Understandably, these diapers were very popular! They make a good basic fitted diaper and are effective for overnights.

For example, for a small baby, you would snap down the rise on the outside of the diaper and use the smallest snap-in insert for a less-bulky fit. For a larger baby, you would adjust the rise to the best fit for your baby, and use either or both inserts depending on the absorbency level needed. This diaper would need a separate cover.

You can download the full pattern and instructions for free here. You do not need a dropbox account to download the pattern. This pattern used to be for sale, however I am no longer operating my business. Do not pay anyone for this pattern. The pattern is copyrighted, and you may not sell the pattern in any form.

The file size is 3.5 megabytes. The instructions are 8 pages long and the actual pattern is 16 pages. The pattern will print in a 4 x 4 grid format, with crop marks. A guide on each sheet shows which sheet belongs where (R1C1 = row 1 column 1). This pattern also includes a pocket diaper pattern and an all-in-two pattern because they are very similar. I will write future blog posts about those specific diapers.

You can see the pattern pictures from the instructions in full color here:
See lots more photos of one-size fitted diapers I made over the years!

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