Monday, August 8, 2016

One-Size Pocket Diaper

In my last post I shared the pattern for the very popular One-Size Fitted Diapers. That pattern also contains the patterns and instructions for the One-Size Pocket Diapers and the One-Size All-in-Two (AI2).

One-Size Pocket diapers are a very popular diaper. The outside of the diaper can be made from waterproof fabric such as polyester urethane laminate (PUL). The inside of the diaper can be made from a thin quick-drying polyester fabric such as microfleece or suedecloth, or athletic-type fabrics. Then a pocket opening provides access for stuffing in the absorbent part of the diaper. This design allows you to customize the thickness and absorbency of the diaper, while at the same time disassembling the dirty diaper to wash means that all the parts get thoroughly cleaned and dried.

This diaper is by far one of the easiest cloth diapers for caregivers to use. It goes on baby just like a disposable diapers. This will for sure leave grandma with stars in her eyes!

The benefit of having a quick-drying fabric (or sometimes called a "wicking" fabric) inside the diaper is that the cloth next to baby's skin dries quickly and baby feels comfortable. 

This simple insert is my favorite to use in pocket diapers. Its length can be adjusted to match the size of the diaper. My favorite combination of fabrics is 2 layers of hemp/cotton french terry and 1 layer of cotton velour.

While a snap press is required in order to make these diapers as described, hook and loop can be used instead of snaps for the closures. Alternatively, a creative person could modify the pattern and use button-hole elastic in the legs to make an adjustable diaper.

As a reminder, you can download the free pattern for this great diaper from dropbox here.

To see more examples of the One-Size Pocket Diaper, you can view an album here:

The pattern instructions are in black-and-white. To view full-size color images, you can find them in an album here:

To view full-size color images of the one-size insert follow this link:

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