Thursday, December 29, 2016

Mama Cloth

In my time of creating cloth diaper patterns, I also took out time to create a pattern for cloth menstrual pads. I developed a design that would provide an overlap opening in the waterproof layer of the pads so that water and air could flow through the pad for complete and thorough cleaning. I like the pattern and the design very much and I am still using my mama cloth to this day. You can find much more information about use and care on the internet. This post is merely to provide a simple pattern and unique design with a few sewing tips.

Contoured Nursing Pads

One of the downsides of closing my Pampered Cheeks website was no longer providing access to the free patterns that I had available there. I didn't have a ton of traffic (probably less than my faux fuzzis post on this blog receives), but I did have some traffic. Someone contacted me today via Facebook requesting my pattern for contoured nursing pads. I took a few minutes to turn my old webpage into a pdf document and shared it. I decided to publish a blog post so it could be easily accessed. I hope in time the Google search bots and other web pages that used to link to will direct people here (at least as long as this blog lasts).

You can download the pattern for the pieces here (links to Dropbox):

Contoured Nursing Pads Pattern

And the sewing instructions here:

Pattern Instructions

This pattern was one of my most favorite patterns. These are hands-down the best pads I ever tried, loosely modeled from a commercial set I came across that were made from lesser-quality fabrics. The pattern is also a great use for "scraps" of fabric that might otherwise be thrown away (especially unique leftovers from cloth diaper patterns).

This post originally appeared on my family blog:

Little Cheekies Fitteds Newborn Pattern

I have never seen an official poll, but I will venture to guess that the majority of cloth diapers that are sold are either size newborn or one-size. I'll tell you right now, newborn sized diapers are ADORABLE. If you can make your own, DO IT. You will not regret having tiny squishy diapers that fit your newborn perfectly. And if you're making them yourself, it isn't as bad on the wallet. Most newborns grow out of the newborn diapers within the first 2-3 months, so they don't get a lot of use out of the diapers.

Growing Cheekies Pocket and All-in-Two Diapers

While I loved the one-size diapers for their versatility and long-life, I spent most of my time working on my patterns for sized diapers. I called these "Growing Cheekies" since they are made to fit your growing child. Apparently I have never made the "fitteds" version of this pattern available for download. That requires a bit of tweaking to the original pattern. For now I'll work on getting up the pocket and all-in-two version.