Thursday, December 29, 2016

Growing Cheekies Pocket and All-in-Two Diapers

While I loved the one-size diapers for their versatility and long-life, I spent most of my time working on my patterns for sized diapers. I called these "Growing Cheekies" since they are made to fit your growing child. Apparently I have never made the "fitteds" version of this pattern available for download. That requires a bit of tweaking to the original pattern. For now I'll work on getting up the pocket and all-in-two version.

The Growing Cheekies pocket is designed to work just like the one-size pocket. You can even use the same one-size insert to stuff inside the pocket opening. It is easy to customize the diaper's absorbency by adding doublers as needed.

The Growing Cheekies diaper features a waterproof PUL outer fabric with either front snaps or velcro.

There is a front opening between the inner layer and the outer layer, which forms a "pocket" into which an absorbent insert can be placed. The opening is secured closed with a snap.

The opening should be opened and the insert removed partially or completely before washing. This ensures that all layers are thoroughly cleaned and dried.

The inner lining of the Growing Cheekies diaper is made from a lightweight polyester fabric such as suedecloth or microfleece. This fabric wicks moisture away from baby's bottom and locks it into the inner insert, leaving baby's bottom feeling dry.

The All-in-Two version of the Growing Cheekies diaper is a little different. Instead of an insert that needs to be stuffed into the opening, and then removed, for each use, the insert is held into the inner by a set of snaps. It does not need to be removed for each washing, but it can be removed if necessary. It is different from and All-in-One in that it has multiple layers that can be easily cleaned and dried thoroughly. It is a little more fuss-free. This was one of my favorite patterns to use for my own children.

The unique leg gussets on the all-in-two diaper form a snug fit around baby's legs!

The All-in-Two also comes in a One-Size version, which is included in the One-size pattern.

The Little Cheekies Newborn All-in-Two was my most recent design and I wish I had come out with it a few babies sooner, I love this pattern!

 A snap-down is included to keep the diaper from irritating baby's umbilical stump!

The entire Growing Cheekies Pocket and All-in-Two combination pattern can be downloaded for free from Dropbox here: Growing Cheekies Pocket Pattern

This pattern includes the sizes: Newborn, Small, Medium, and Large

This is a home print version of the pattern, so it will need to be taped together after printing. Instructions are in the file.

The pattern pictures are in black and white. To view the pattern pictures for the Growing Cheekies Pocket Diaper in color, visit this album:

To view the pattern pictures for the Growing Cheekies All-in-Two diaper in color, visit this album:

To view the pattern pictures for the Little Cheekies Newborn All-in-Two diaper in color, visit this album:

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