Thursday, December 29, 2016

Mama Cloth

In my time of creating cloth diaper patterns, I also took out time to create a pattern for cloth menstrual pads. I developed a design that would provide an overlap opening in the waterproof layer of the pads so that water and air could flow through the pad for complete and thorough cleaning. I like the pattern and the design very much and I am still using my mama cloth to this day. You can find much more information about use and care on the internet. This post is merely to provide a simple pattern and unique design with a few sewing tips.

 I sew inside the cloth pads to help all the layers lay flat and straight. I like to think the stitches also form "channels" to direct flow, but I have no evidence of that.

 Even though there is an opening in the back, there is sufficient overlap so that leaks never happen.

 As you can see, the design also allows the pad to be folded up into a cute little bundle.

You can download the pattern for free from here: Mama Cloth Pattern
The instructions are in a separate file and can be downloaded here: Mama Cloth Instructions

Pattern also includes a Panty Liner.

Wish you could see those pictures in a larger version? Sure thing, click through this album:

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