Thursday, December 29, 2016

Little Cheekies Fitteds Newborn Pattern

I have never seen an official poll, but I will venture to guess that the majority of cloth diapers that are sold are either size newborn or one-size. I'll tell you right now, newborn sized diapers are ADORABLE. If you can make your own, DO IT. You will not regret having tiny squishy diapers that fit your newborn perfectly. And if you're making them yourself, it isn't as bad on the wallet. Most newborns grow out of the newborn diapers within the first 2-3 months, so they don't get a lot of use out of the diapers.

At some point I decided to create a downloadable version of the Little Cheekies Fitted cloth diaper pattern all by itself. It's a smaller pattern and less overwhelming than the Growing Cheekies or One-Size Patterns.


 How cute are these?

 It makes me want to go sew something right now!

 Dying here...

Ahhhhhh...I can still feel the softness!

This pattern is for the front-snapping Little Cheekies Fitted only. You can download the pattern for free here: Little Cheekies Fitted

To see the pattern pictures in color, visit this album:

To see more pictures of Little Cheekies Fitteds, visit this album:

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